Our People

Our People

Our Team

We are a team that loves meeting new people and showcasing our home region. We have worked hard to ensure all our tours will include the best spots in the various areas. As Xplor’s tour guides we all strive to give you not just a factual tour but one that includes lots of interaction, laughs and fun, with a surprise or two along the way.

Richard Bialy

Richard has lived in Wellington all his life. He graduated from Wellington’s Victoria University with a Commerce Degree majoring in Accounting and has spent most of his working life in Finance and Human Resources.

Lynn Bialy

Lynn has lived in Wellington all her life. After raising their three children at home, she returned to the corporate world and has worked mainly as an Executive Assistant to General Managers.

Barbara Bialy

Barb is Richard’s sister and she has a passion for travel. She has visited many places in the world and knows what makes a successful tour guide.

Eddie Zyskowski

Eddie has lived most of his life in Wellington and operated as a taxi driver, so he knows his way around our city very well. He also knows many quirky facts about Wellington and will pass these on as he drives you around the different parts of Wellington.

Brian Hall

Brian is a Chartered Accountant and has lived in Wellington all his life. He has had senior management and financial roles in the commercial sector.

Ray Meadows

“Young at heart, slightly older otherwise”. Ray is one of the best guides in Wellington and brings to the team enthusiasm, fun, laughter and endless fascinating little- known facts about the places and things he will show you.

Rob Snelling

Rob comes from a Corporate background as a Managing Director for a nationwide organisation. He left the corporate world to pursue his love of connecting with people. Rob is a passionate Kiwi who loves showcasing what we have to offer in our magical part of the world.

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